Welcome to Miss Porter’s House

miss_porter_houseWhen newlyweds Herbert Porter and his bride Florence Jolly moved into their new home in 1910, their thoughts were focused on the here and now; the need to furnish and care for the house, and the need to cultivate their general store and carrier business in nearby Blaine (now Hunter) Street. They pondered too the prospect of starting a family, as Ella was born in 1911 and Hazel in 1914. Sadly, Herbert (and his mother) fell victim to the influenza epidemic in 1919, and Florence was left to raise the two girls.

Herbert and Florence could not have imagined that Ella and Hazel, who remained single and lived in the house all of their lives, would one day bequeath the house to the National Trust, an ambition realised after the death of Hazel in 1997.

Today visitors to this freestanding Edwardian House Museum can view:

  • 100 years of collectables
  • 1909-1940 furnishings
  • unique stencilled ceilings
  • collections of fabrics, clothing, and craft materials
  • the historic fernery and the intimate period garden

The house, grounds, interiors and contents are all intact and the property was continuously occupied by the Porter family for over ninety years.

For more information on this history of the Porter Family and the house, please see Miss Porter’s House – Local Treasures – ABC Newcastle.

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