Open Day – Sunday, 12th August 2018

Theme: Ephemera of Family History, and stall

Miss Porter’s House (Newcastle’s only National Trust House) will celebrate National Family History Month with a special exhibition called The Ephemera of Family History on Sunday, 12th August 2018.  Of particular interest is the Porter family’s collection of greeting cards, letters, photographs and other household records.

Browse our stall which offers home cooked treats, craft items and cards.

The House is located at 434 King Street, Newcastle West (between Steel and Union Streets) and is open from 1.00 pm to 4.00 pm. Admission: $8 adults, $20 family, $6 pensioners and children five years and over. Free to National Trust Members and children under five.


Herbert and Florence Porter started their family with the birth of their first child, Ella, in 1911. Two years later Hazel arrived. Hazel became the Miss Porter of Miss Porter’s House when she bequeathed the family home to the National Trust in 1997

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